Wednesday, 15 July 2015


So my time in my  little flat is nearly at an end. It has been (mostly) good to me since September last year when I first came back here to do my PhD. By mostly I mean the door broke, the hob broke, the microwave combi oven broke (I'm on the 3rd one now), and the temperature sucks. But the maintenance guys have been helpful and lovely and fixed stuff, and it has been a place to eat and sleep.

One of the best things about this room has been the view of the sunset on clear nights

It is rather pretty

Ok, some of the pics aren't the best quality, but not bad for being on an ipad through a window

Trust me when I say that some of the views have been pretty spectacular

This being my favourite

Quick update on the PhD. My giant 14 month long experiment finally started this week! Its been immensely stressful - The software keeps on crashing, the computers are not good, and I'm not as yet used to handling the experiments correctly so I'm nervous all the time. Only 2 more days though and then I'm done for this batch. Then I have a lovely 3 week break until the next batch.
I've been preparing for this huge experiment since I started my 3rd rotation, getting all the samples ready and in place and waiting for them to be in the correct state for use. Its going to take a long time, and I'm going to know the top floor of my work backwards by the end of it. Hopefully it will be worth it though.

Outcast this weekend :) Much excited!  Should be a big plot drop this weekend which I'm hoping to get my hands on (along with everyone else). I'll do an update on it when I get back.

Oh, I should also do a post about my trip to France at some point. When I have some pics to show you maybe.


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