Thursday, 18 December 2014


Well, its December. Lots happens in December, and to be honest I find it exhausting. But anyway. I've been making things of late, so I thought I would show you all:

Knitted plush dogs
I knitted these two for my new and good friends H and Ames. Check out their crafty blog Here: Bonnington Craft Haven. They make all sorts of awesome stuff which is worth checking out.
These guys took me around a week or more to make each one, doing a couple of hours each day. It was fun though :) They're not too hard to make.

I wanted to make more stuff for people but I ran out of time. I'll put up any more things I make.

I've come home now for the xmas hols. This is probably the last time I'll be home this early or for this long but hey. This is the first xmas since I was 15 that I don't have to do exam revision all day every day I'm home. Its odd, and tbh I'm already a bit bored. Hopefully people will be around to meet up with, and there is reading to do for my next rotation.

In other creative news, edible creativity has been occurring:

Cherry Cake
Mmm Cherry cake with lemon icing. My fave type of cake ever. Its quick, easy and nice. Even if it looks a bit messy. Food presentation is not my strong point.

Candy peel
This is supposed to be candied orange/grapefruit peel. Something went wrong, because to be brutally honest it was disgusting and ended up in the bin. Oh well, better luck next time. I don't even like candied peel.

Marzipan fruit
Ok, this I'm kinda proud of. It took me like 3 hours, but this is (homemade by mum) marzipan and food colouring made into fruit. Its not amazing, but I'm happy with it. You have banannas, oranges, kiwi's, apples and pears. Grapes were a bit too hard.

So, that's all for now. Just wanted to share pretty pictures. Happy xmas

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